Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I am STILL a Fat Ass

Yes, Yes....I am STILL a Fat Ass...finally got on a scale last week and surprise surprise, I gained 15 lbs since May. Not to mention I was already 25 lbs overweight. My muffin top is officially bigger than my boobs. *gasp* *holds hand to forehead* *faints* 

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING fits me anymore. As of last week, I was down to one pair of jeans, two moo moo skirts, and sweatpants *ick*...Unfortunately my jeans could not take the extra poundage and committed suicide....yes, suicide....they are no longer wearable in any country....As for my moo moo skirt, the wash ate it. The elastic came apart....maybe it paid the washer to kill it, who knows.....So I am down to one moo-moo skirt (which makes me look Amish) and the dreaded sweat pants....*hangs head in shame*

Desperate times call for desperate measures.....Yes, I'm about to say it, the D-word. I am on a DIET..........   :(
No bread (it will officially be called 'Osama Bread Laden' from now on), no pasta, and no soda-NOOOOOOOOOO you evil woman!!!!! *shakes fists in the air* Also, no Dunkin Donuts coffee, Starbucks, no foods listed "diet", no fat free, no pre-packaged food, or fast food. *sighs*

Soooooooo what am I eating??  Water, fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, nuts, greek yogurt, low sodium foods, making all my meals, etc. etc. All the crap you know you must do but don't-Ugh!  I'm also tracking my meals and calorie intake-so sad :(  

But one thing I will not give up is my morning coffee! I refuse!!! Hell to the no!!!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuutttttttt, I did modify it....instead of 2 TBSP of creamer, I am using 1 and instead 3 TBSP of sugar (don't judge me), I am using 1 tsp....It has taken some getting used to...*sticks tongue out*

I've also started exercising. Got myself a hubby. You know how men always seem to have the answers, you should do this, you never listen to me blah blah blah....well I'm making him put his money where his mouth is. I have to say he is pretty good, he keeps me motivated, and the best part is I get to punch him in the face when we box. 

My goal is to lose the 15 I gained, plus another 25, a grand total of 40. My mom seems to think that is too much...she believes at a certain age a woman has to choose between her ass and her face...I'm choosing my face so we will see what the grand total will be.....

*UPDATE* I have lost 5 lbs so far!!! Yeah me! 


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