Thursday, September 29, 2011

Didn't I just feed you?!?!?

This is a glimpse of what happened this summer and now on the weekends:

My day begins by my eye pried open by a little person (A) asking, "Mommy, can I have some waffles, I am reaaaaaaaalllllly hungry!!!!" Then a few minutes later, a bigger little person (B) says, "Mommy can I have an egg sandwich, I am reaaaaaaaalllllly hungry!!!!" Ugh, feeding time at the zoo has begun.....

An hour later: "Mommy can I have some toast, cinnamon toast crunch, grapes, a snaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkk????" I'm like, "Didn't I just feed you?!?!?"

Another hour later, " Can I have goldfish, a granola bar, a go-gurt, bagel, an apple, a snaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkk????" Ugh, didn't I just feed you?!?!? I haven't even eaten breakfast yet!

So when I think they are fed enough, we can venture out in the world. As soon as I pull out I hear, "Mooooommmmmmy, we didn't have lunch!!!!" OMG, this can't be happening.

I have resorted to carrying a cooler with me filled with drinks and healthy snacks because all they do is eat and drink.....seriously.....didn't I just feed you?!?!?

Then I finish my errands, get them lunch, think they are satisified then I hear, "Mommmmmmmyyyyyy, can I have a snaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkk????" Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!!! Didn't I just feed you?!?!?

Then dinnertime rolls around. I make sure they are starving  by the time we sit down, especially when it is something they don't like. "A" horks it down like it is the last meal, and "B" starts his negotiations, "This is not my favorite flavor, I really wanted....." I give him the look of death. He reconsiders and starts eating. Smart boy.

Finally bedtime, Aaaaaaaah, the natives are down for the count.....or so I think. "Mommmmmmmmyyyy, can I have some water, I'm a little hungry, I think I can go for some toast" OMGeezy, Didn't I just feed you?!?!?

My question is if its like this now, what will it be like when they are teenagers? Lord help me......


The Brainless Housewife :P

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back from Hiatus

Hey everyone, I'm back from hiatus. It's been almost two months. My father in law passed away in August after a long illness. We all knew he was sick, doctors had told us to prepare for the worst, but you are never prepared. 

I have learned so much in the last two months, two I'd like to share with you: 

 "You can't take it with you". Whether its money, possessions, clothes, cute shoes etc. When we die we take nothing with us. We leave behind our love and memories. My father in law was such a generous man to everyone he met. He knew he couldn't take it with him. 

 "Give people the flowers while they can still smell them".  Spend time with your extended family, your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews. I know life is crazy, it gets in the way, and we don't always make those family functions and reunions. We think, "Next month, next year" but it may never come.  

Death changes a family, its dynamic. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Luckily in our case, it is for the better. My father in law may be gone, but how he lived his life and the lessons he taught us will be with us forever. 


The Brainless Housewife :P