Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Clean Mini-Van: Suburban Myth?

Recently a friend of mine got a brand spanking new 2011 mini-van. I oooed and aaahed at all the new features, the plush leather seats, the big DVD screen, the navigation system and the brand new car smell. As I kept inhaling the lovely newness I realized what I loved most was how clean it was. It was as if angels came down and cleaned it every night. As I went to my van I realized how dirty and dusty it was. I saw all the food and stains in the carpet. I could literally make a meal with what was on my van floor.

So this weekend my husband and I cleaned it. I was absolutely disgusted. We took out the carpets, vacuumed, scrubbed, wiped all the stains, crumbs, and gook..and when I say "we" I mean my husband with me supervising. Of all the little treasures I found: glitter, goldfish, Capri Sun wrappers (I could make a dress with those), petrified raisins, plastic bubble eyes, Cheerios (General Mills should cut me a check),  the best was a size three pamper I found in the third row pocket. It brought a tear to my eye to remember all the changes my family has been through the last five years. All the pampers I changed in that third row are now a distant memory. Awwww, they grow so fast.....

But with that being said, I read my kids the riot act after the van was done: "You see how clean this van is? We are going to keep it that way! There will be no eating, no drinking, no chewing, no thinking of food, you drop it-pick it up, etc etc.."  Cut to forty eight hours later and my van is still sparkling minus the potato chip crumbs because little people (who shall remain nameless) were starving.....


The Brainless Housewife :P


  1. You just made me feel so much better!!
    We went out with a girlfriend and her little girl on the weekend.. When I walked over to her car to say hello to the little one, I could not believe how clean (scary clean) the car was..
    How do people keep their vehicles like this?
    I walked back over to mine and looked in disgust at all of the food, junk, and more junk... I still haven't cleaned mine though. great post!
    Not So Silent Mommy

  2. My car looks like it has been in an tornado as well - I am inspired. Tonight I will clean!!! LOL. I am following you girl - we have stuff in common!!!


  3. I'm convinced having a dirty van shows you are a good mother:

    a) Your children are well fed by all the crumbs left behind

    b) You are laid back and fun because you are not spending all your time cleaning

    c) Your main focus is your children and not things that don't matter: stains, gook, petrified food etc.

    And to those who look down on a dirty van I say this, "You be me for one day, one week, one month, one year...then you can judge me!!!" LOL!

  4. I recently cleaned my SUV so that it could look brand new again. Let's just say, we never really recovered from the cold winter when we just tossed everything and ran into the house. lol I am proud to say that it is now my diva mobile again...... at least for now. :)

    SN: I am now following you.

  5. We go through that same ritual at least once a month! The right act! But, it always ends up a mess! and mine are teenagers!! Oh well...