Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friendly's...the friendly place???

At my local Friendly's on Wednesdays kids eat for 1.99 with an adult meal. It seems like a great deal, but this deal comes at your own risk of losing the little sanity you have left. It is TORTURE with a capital T. Once you are seated it begins from every corner of the restaurant..."Stop it, eat your food, we don't spit, sit and finish, if you don't finish we are not coming back, do not eat like a dog, get off the floor, Moooooooommmm he's not sharing his fries, leave him alone, eat your own food, behave yourself, get back here!!" It is official, I'm in the ninth canto of hell. 

My kids start to act up and I give them the look of death. They stop immediately because they know I will get up and leave (I've done it before). But you can't blame them for trying-the whole restaurant is in chaos! I sit there and think, "I'm a glutton for punishment! Calgon take me away!!!" Then I see people come in with no kids and I think to myself, "Are you crazy or love to be tortured? The ice cream is not that good, is it?!?"

And then the happy ending, the sundae is served. SILENCE...the kids are quiet and I have a moment of peace before the sugar kicks in. 
There it is....this is why I keep coming back...the silence...its almost worth the tears, screaming, and tantrums.....Almost!


The Brainless Housewife :P


  1. LOL!!! I have had this experience too many times!! The look of death is always *priceless*.
    Love it.


  2. Ah! We went one time for that special. Never again. Maybe it was just this particular place, but it was filthy. Like they didn't even try to clean between guests...And the noise! OH my!!

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  4. Hi! I'm your new follower just checking to see how your sanity is holding out since it's summer vacation. We don't have Friendly's around here, but we have Max & Erma's, with the big sundae bar ... it sounds kind of the same from a chaos level.