Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beware of the insult disguised as a compliment

Recently, I had a family gathering at my house and an older cousin (my Godmother's sister who is visiting) came over. It had been three years and I was so excited to see her. But the excitement was short lived....

After we sat down on the patio we talked and talked. She admired how much the kids had grown and complimented my home. Then she started to compliment me...well sort of:

"You lost so much weight (which I haven't), You look great! Because the last time I saw you, {Wait For It} You were so FAT! I would just look at you and say to myself, She is so fat! She will never lost that weight!" 

Can someone give me an O, M, and G??? My mouth fell open....then she preceded to say it at least five more times in different ways like,

 "Your butt is big but not as big as the last time I saw you, it was huge!" 

And my personal favorite, 

"If you start walking you can finish trimming down that muffin top, but you've done a good job so far because the last time I saw you it looked like you were pregnant"

I couldn't respond, I just sat there thinking, "Is she drunk? High? Crazy?" Before I could begin to form words, my Godmother stepped in and said, 

"She is beautiful, always has been. Her body is beautiful, and besides you are just jealous cause she looks like me!" 

My older cousin replied with, 

"And did she come out modest like you too?" 

LMAO! I excused myself from the sibling war of words and served myself a pina colada and added lots of rum....Lots....

So what do you do when you are presented with an compliment that is disguised as an insult? Do you respond? Stay quiet? Or serve yourself a really big drink?


The Brainless Housewife :P


  1. I will give you the OMG!!!
    I don't even know what to say because I'm that speechless. (which doesn't happen often!)
    I'd like to say that I would have responded with something really smart, but in reality, I probably would have cried... and then poured a triple and ate a bag of chips!!! lol
    I hope you're not losing sleep over someone elses ignorance!!

  2. Have a shot of tequila. She sounds more jealous. Gotta LOVE family.

    Love ya!